Light Commercial Electric Vehicle

In WP2 (Commercial Vehicle moving to efficiency in real driving cycles and approaching industrial sustainability), 6 deliverables were completed in the OPTIMORE project:

D2.1 - New engine configuration for RE application
D2.2 - Electric machine procurement and integration
D2.3 - Optimized engine for the best efficiency working point of REX - Confidential no report available
D2.4 - Control SW release for demo vehicle
D2.5 - Durability evaluation report
D2.6 - Demonstrator light commercial vehicle
D2.7 - Global assessment of the system on the validator vehicle


Aims and objectives

Cost, weight and volume optimisation of REX unit in light commercial vehicle

  • Target weight reduction for REX is 20%
  • Target lenght reduction is 25% respect to FUEREX configuration

RE fuel consumption and emission optimisation

  • ICE& Electric machine efficiency and RE utilisation strategies
  • Emission target ½ Euro VI with BSFC = 230 h/kWh

Standardisation and modularisation

Results - Light Commercial Electric vehicle 2 cylinder engine – IVECO/CRF

 Range Extender Unit

The 2 cylinder engine is based on the engine as used in the FUEREX project, without the turbo charger and on petrol instead of compressed natural gas.




Comparison between the FUEREX and the OPTIMORE Raneg Extender unit

Cooling loop optimisation

HMI improvements






This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 314252

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